Augustas Risk Services


Uncertainty is the only certainty of today's market: global, volatile and competitive. But every risk also brings with it new opportunities.

The strategy to win in this context goes beyond the defensive approach of Insurance Management, and involves an integrated risk management approach in order to protect the assets of a company and support its development. It is our job, and at Augustas Risk Services we do it with responsibility and passion, to offer customized solutions which are coming from more than 30 years of experience.

Augustas is  the "single source provider" born to meet all the needs of companies in terms of Risk Management. Augustas SpA Risk Services, together with PCA SpA Consultive Broker, constitutes "Gavio Global Risk Solutions", a new reality that is able to build Risk Management solutions, from the analysis of the Risk to the issuing of an insurance policy and the management of an insurance claim, covering all the needs of companies in terms of Risk Management. Don't look only at the negative side. Take the good side of the risk!


Via Rosellini, 2
20124 Milano

Maurizio Castelli

CEO and Senior Risk Management Consultant