brand launch

Brokerslink unveils new corporate identity

Brokerslink has undergone a significant branding review and today unveils its new logo, tagline and website. The new corporate identity reflects Brokerslink’s commitment to and involvement in the risk and insurance landscape.

The launch took place today at Brokerslink’s global annual conference in Marrakech. This fresh identity supports the evolution of the business. Since it launched in 2004 as a network Brokerslink has since transformed itself into a successful global broking company. The brand refresh allows Brokerslink to retain its established value while it develops a new identity to suit its new business model. This branding process is further evidence of Brokerslink’s continued global development and supports its vision for the future.

José Manuel Dias da Fonseca, CEO of Brokerslink said: “Brokerslink has evolved into a dynamic, full service broking company, and at this time of growth its right to invest further into our marketing strategy to create an even stronger brand presence. This new identity brings to life our ambition to be the leading global broking company, with an unrivalled local presence and able to offer specialist industry expertise and access to the World’s insurance and capital markets. We have worked closely with our team, partners and affiliates to develop a brand identity that wholly represents Brokerslink. I am confident that this new identity will enhance our position as a globally recognised brand.”