Brokerslink Zoom: Canopy Insurance Brokers

Brokerslink Zoom: Canopy Insurance Brokers


About Canopy Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Canopy was among the first brokerage firms in its region to specialise in non-motor business, earning a strong reputation in professionalism and convenience. The company has dealt with the biggest and most reputable underwriters in the country specializing in excellent customer advice, gap analysis and claims negotiations. Its expertise has enabled it to become the leading insurance broker in the region.

After initially establishing itself in Nyeri, in 1994 the company expanded its operations into the capital city Nairobi, the business now maintains these two offices and is one of the most trusted brokers in the Kenyan Market.

Canopy is a member of the Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK) of which the company’s managing director was the chairman for four years, he was also one of the founders of the Insurance Brokers of East Africa where he served as the deputy president and secretary general until 2018.



Headquarters in Nairobi with an office in Nyeri serving the larger Mt Kenya region.


Areas of expertise

Canopy has a diverse client base including corporate, retail, Government and international organisations.

Although the broker has historically structured its business operations into strategic business units with an emphasis on engineering and service, it is currently reengineering its business in line with the country’s four main areas; education, health, manufacturing and housing, developing targeted expertise in these areas.

Canopy has a well-trained team which is agile enough to anticipate and adjust to the changes in the country’s evolving risk landscape, the team has developed several innovative products in conjunction with underwriters to meet clients’ requirements.

The broker has a strong focus on educating clients about the various risks that can affect the continuity of their business or professional enterprises, this extends to providing in-depth analyses of its clients’ businesses, enabling the team at Canopy to advise on any gaps in insurance and risk management measures.

Canopy is well positioned professionally and capacity-wise to handle all types and size of business.


What drove Canopy Insurance Brokers to become a Brokerslink affiliate?

The world has become a global village. Insurance is global. Canopy has always wanted to expand internationally in order to learn the best insurance and risk management practices.

According to Muchemi Ndungu, the broker did not hesitate to apply to become an affiliate of Brokerslink when they were introduced in 2014, the team was excited to become part of what Muchemi describes as “a very exceptional family”.

The spread of the Network and later a Global company gave Canopy the chance to interact globally, share experiences and also raise the bar and compete with the other big boys of insurance, in most cases winning clients they were handling previously.

Muchemi concluded “It is an amazing family where every member is treated equally and is free to run their business without interference.”


What benefits can you bring to the network?

For Muchemi, Canopy’s expertise and experience of working with small and medium business enterprises in a very competitive market like Kenya are a significant benefit to the rest of the Brokerslink network, they also have extensive knowledge of the East African market.


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