Brokerslink’s year in review – a look back at 2022 and what’s ahead

Brokerslink’s year in review – a look back at 2022 and what’s ahead

by José Manuel Fonseca, Chairman of Brokerslink

Reflecting on how we adapted 

As we (hopefully) look back at the impact of Covid, aside from the devasting human impact it had on so many people, from a business perspective there have been both up and down sides. As a global network, face to face and human interaction and relationships are very much part of our DNA. Maintaining these relationships clearly became more difficult over the last two years. But from crisis can come opportunity, it provided us with a real shot in the arm when it comes embracing new digital communication channels. This often helped to widen our audience at events, albeit virtually, introducing new faces and ideas. What particularly pleased me was that over this period, when you might expect Covid to restrict or indeed contract the network, we actually expanded into new geographies and markets, and are now have a presence in over 130 countries around the world. 

Thankfully, our regional face to face meetings such as the ones in Casablanca, Panama, Zagreb and Saigon, and industry events are now very much back on the agenda. Most pleasing to me was the success of our annual conference in Porto this year which saw a record number of global attendees come together once again, reaffirming our collective commitment to the Brokerslink purpose and ideals, coming out stronger than before.


How Brokerslink has evolved

Knowledge-sharing within the network is something that we have seen more of as the economic headwinds have strengthened. Partners are sharing their insights and recommendations when it comes to things like inflation and claims, and the rising cost of claims. For example, during our recent meeting in Vietnam, a Singapore based affiliate shared their viewpoint on the impact of inflation and evaluating the value of assets to encourage dialogue with clients. 

Within the network there are businesses that can provide assistance with this problem. And this is how the ecosystem of Brokerslink should work; to the mutual benefit of our partners and affiliates, creating visibility of challenges, sharing knowledge and solutions, as well as business opportunities.


Political and regulatory change

Recent years have seen some moves to more protectionist policies and regimes, but it is an ever-moving feast. As administrations change, for example in the US and Brazil, or indeed the impact of Brexit, so does the level of protectionism and indeed regulatory frameworks. But our industry is fluid and very capable to adapt and respond, advising and facilitating risk transfer. Across the network, we have the capability through knowledge-sharing to adapt to such changes and move forward.


Looking towards 2023

As we look forward, Brokerslink continues to evolve from simply a network of likeminded businesses to a company that owns and operates a network, which for me is an important change. That said our focus on building a value-adding ecosystem, sharing insight and business opportunity remains our primary goal. 

As we look forward, we will continue to grow, invest in our people and network, all aimed at building on the engagement of our key partners enabling the flow of business across the network. We will continue to harness our collective strengths, maintaining our founding principle of a key broker per country, and creating value for all. 

I look forward with confidence at the opportunities to grow together in 2023. I wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season, and a prosperous new year.

by José Manuel Fonseca, Chairman of Brokerslink