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Ever since the founding of CyR Consultores in 1990 our philosophy can be summarized in the slogan “Vivir para Servir es Servir para Vivir” (Living to Serve is Serving to Live) which we live by as we are a company solely dedicated to insurance broking services and risk management. Our main objective is to protect the assets of those who have placed their trust in us and, through this, we contribute to the economic development of El Salvador by providing the security that the shareholders need when events occur beyond their executives control but which can cause deviations that put the continuation of their investments at risk.

Our expertise in all types of insurance business stems from our studies in the Chartered Insurance Institute and our experience as reinsurance brokers also in London as well as in the United States, combined with excellent local market knowledge and relationships with all the main carriers in the country. The reputation we have forged throughout more than 40 years in the industry make Cy R Consultores one of the leading independent insurance brokers in El Salvador. However, we have been able to transcend and grow along with our clients into the rest of the Central American region and beyond without losing the personalized touch and advised we are renowned for. Our clients include some of the largest industrial, commercial and distribution risks in the country but we also have ample experience in financial and professional lines and can count various insurance companies as clients in our portfolio.  


El Salvador
87 Avenida Sur y Calle Cuscatlán #549, Colonia Escalón, San Salvador Department

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Carlos E. Pineda

Executive Director

Carlos José Pineda Molina

Technical & Commercial Director

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