Renomia SRBA Insurance Reinsurance Broker Ltd.

Renomia Romania

RENOMIA SRBA Insurance Broker SRL – Romanian legal person who has been operating on the insurance brokerage market since 1998. The company is currently enjoying a good reputation and professional recognition and an excellent relationship with customers and employees. SRBA is authorized by the Insurance Supervisory Commission under the authorization decision Nr. 12/2001, registered in the Register of Insurance Brokers under no. RBK-009/2004. SRBA has the sole purpose of conducting business consultancy specializing in risk management activities of insurance and closing seeking solutions to reduce costs caused by exposure to clients.


Aristide Pascal Street,
No 29-31, 1st Floor, District 3,


Czech Republic



Global executive

Gheorghe Grad

Country Manager

Senior management

Marek Kalbá

Global Services Director
(headquarters Prague)

Gabriel Orsa

Corporate Manager            

Dan Stoian

Manager of Agriculture Department