ROUX Afrique



ROUX Afrique, a financially independent Pan-African company, leader in expertise, asset valuation and risk surveys in Africa. It is accredited by the Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, member of the London Chartered Insurance Institute and Society of Professional Claims. We support our clients in the valuation of their company's assets and in the management of their risks. Our know-how is the preliminary estimation of goods and industrial risks, valuation of assets, conduction of risks surveys and settlements after claims. We are specialized in: Audit of values; Preliminary estimate; Risk Surveys; Valuation of private and professional assets in market value, insurance value, value in use, economic value, etc; Claim management and settlement; Fixed assets' management (physical inventory, physical-accounting reconciliation and breakdown of fixed assets).​


193 Avenue Hassan II 
Casablanca 20140

Global Executives

Abderrahim Lhassani

Senior Managing Partner

Jalal Aloui Kobbi

Founding CEO